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[tweetmeme]Yesterday, I upgraded my LG Arena’s (KM900) firmware to V10P_00 custom firmware because I was not satisfied with the installed firmware and I encountered issues like phone is not responding when I opened two or more applications. I searched over the Internet and I found two forums dedicated for LG mobiles – lgarenaforum.co.uk and clublgmobile.com which helps me in flashing using custom firmware. Credits goes to the creator of the custom firmware. You know who you are.

This article will guide you on how to upgrade your firmware using the custom firmware.

Note: This is applicable for Windows XP, Vista and 7. Remember to run the softwares mentioned below with administrative privilege. I used Win XP in flashing my phone firmware.

1. Make sure that you have the LG PC Suite installed on your machine (including the LG modem driver) and is up to date.

2. Download and install the LG modem driver. In my case, I didn’t download the LG modem driver specified in this step because mine was automatically installed when I installed the PC Suite in step 1.

3. Download the Infineon driver and the Flash Tool for KM900. Once you have those extract these two files in the same folder.

4. Install the Infineon driver.

5. Run the Windows Enabler application (windows enabler.exe file) which can be found inside Flash Tool for KM900. Once launched, click the icon once to turn it on (You can turn it of by clicking the icon again). You can find Windows Enabler on the taskbar once you run it. Screenshots are presented below.

Windows Enabler (right most) is currently in ON state.

Windows Enabler is currently in OFF state.

6. Download the custom firmware here.

7. Run UpTestEX (UpTestEX.exe file) and fill up the required parameters presented below.

When finished it is highly recommended to do a factory reset the phone in order to remove any traces of the previous firmware. Type in 1809#*900# on the handset and select factory reset, this will also correct minor issues that people may experience.

Here are the photographs of the custom firmware.

*****Updated: April 1, 2010

Upgraded the Windows 7 custom firmware to version 1.2. The new version fixes more bugs found on the previous version.

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